Jacksonville, FL | Fresh, Delicious Food in Riverside | Best Boxed Lunch Catering


11 D Coop

st. augustine vodka, creme yvette, lemon, lavender syrup, soda water

10 Old Tom Sipper

prescribed spirits barrel aged gin, aperol, ruby rosemary tea, lemon, honey syrup, rhubarb bitters

11 Against the Grain

rhum clement vsop, velvet falernum, averna, lemon, cherry bark bitters

11 Oak Street Shrub

woodford reserve bourbon, pear vanilla shrub, cinnamon syrup, angostura

10 The Sparrow & The Swan

laird’s apple jack brandy, st elizabeth allspice dram, lemon, maple apple cider

12 Velvet Underground

rainwater madeira, china china, cinnamon brown sugar syrup, st augustine rum, nutmeg, egg

11 Bellwether

willet pot still bourbon, benedictine, cane syrup, walnut bitters

11 Figgetaboutit

fig infused marlin & barrel bearing rum, dark fruit bitters, angostura, maple syrup

10 Dusty Boot

Buffalo Trace bourbon, simple syrup, lemon & lime juices, Jerry Thomas bitters, smoked sea salt and cracked black pepper rim


laphroig scotch, foro, intuition king street stout, peach syrup, orgeat, lemon

Bar Food

6 Fried Green Olives

stuffed with house made pimento cheese

6 Old Bay Potato Chips

with point reyes fondue

7 Chicken Liver Mousse

green tomato and apple jam

5 Bar-B-Q Pork Rinds

7 Fried Green Tomatoes

frisee, pickle relish, buttermilk ranch

5 Shoestring Potatoes

ancho chile aioli

7 Tsukune

pork rind-benne crumble, kewpie, scallions

7 Smoked Trout Rillettes

10 Poutine

hand cut fries, cheese curds, smoked short rib gravy

5/8 Farm to Spoon Soup of the Day

13 Cape Canaveral Shrimp Roll

old bay, butter lettuce, celery, market greens and herb salad

11 / 21 Intuition Jon Boat Mussels

garlic aioli, community loaves baguette / served as entree with shoestring potatoes

4 / 8 Market Green Salad

cucumbers, red onions, tomatoes, red peppers, radish, red wine vinaigrette

13 Pork Sandwich

smoked pork jus, cress, green tomatoes, shoestring fries

14 Grass Fed All Natural Hamburger

add cheddar +1, add smoked bacon +1, add fried egg +1

23 Wild Georgia Shrimp & Grits

charred broccoli, shallot confit, new orleans bar-b-q sauce