Jacksonville, FL | Fresh, Delicious Food in Riverside | Best Boxed Lunch Catering


8 Fried Green Olives

stuffed with house made pimento cheese

6 Old Bay Potato Chips

with point reyes fondue

7 Chicken Liver Mousse

green tomato and apple jam

5 Bar-B-Q Pork Rinds

fresh lime

8 Fried Green Tomatoes

frisee, pickle relish, buttermilk ranch

8 Smoked Trout Rillettes

buttermilk crackers, beet pickled duck egg

7 Tsukune

pork rind-benne crumble, kewpie, scallions

MKT Roasted Oysters

nori, benne butter


8 Mac & Cheese

6 Wainwright Cheddar Grits

with smoked bacon

6 Shoestring Potatoes

with ancho chile aioli

6 Sauteed Kale

6 Roasted Brussels Sprouts

brown butter, almonds, pecorino


6/9 Farm to Spoon Soup of the Day

7 French Onion Soup

12 Beet Salad

citrus and herb lil' moo cheese, upland cress, dilly beans, shaved radish, citrus segments, lemon vinaigrette

7/12 Caesar Salad

shaved reggiano, garlic-herb croutons, soft boiled egg

7/12 Little Gem Salad

hearts of palm, haricots verts, fennel, radish, green goddess dressing

10 Endive Salad

roasted pears, point reyes blue cheese, candied pecans, celery hearts, champagne vinaigrette

11 Lamb Bacon

frisee, poached egg, toasted baguette, banyuls-sorghum vinaigrette

12 House-Cured Ora King Salmon

lil’ moo cheese, avocado mousse, caviar, fennel pollen, community loaves rye toast

13/22 Intuition Jon Boat Mussels

garlic aioli, community loaves baguette / also served as entree with with shoestring fries

11 Poutine

hand cut fries, cheese curds, pastrami, smoked short rib gravy


19 Braised Lamb Neck

rice cakes, grilled cabbage, shiso salsa verde,five spice

13/19 Spaghetti alla Chitarra

heirloom winter squash, sheep’s milk pecorino, sunflower seeds add duck confit +5 add pork belly +5

17 Kale & Smoked Trout Salad

green kale, sieved egg, marcona almonds, dill, red onion, whole grain mustard vinaigrette

28 Berkshire Pork Chop

middlins, spicy braised kale, bacon hollandaise

16 Red Miso Glazed Eggplant

purple rice congee, grilled cabbage, grilled scallions, benne

14 Pork Sandwich

smoked pork jus, cress, green tomatoes, shoestring fries

32 Steak Diane

rib-eye, brandy cream sauce, hand cut fries

26 Springer Mountain Farm’s Chicken

dirty rice, pickled charred shishitos, biscuit crumble

25 Wild Georgia Shrimp & Grits

charred broccoli, shallot confit, new orleans bar-b-q sauce

28 Korean Beef Short Ribs

bulgogi marinade, logan turnpike grits, collard green kimchi, soft boiled egg

14 Grass Fed Hamburger

add cheddar +1, add smoked bacon +1, add fried egg +2

27 Ora King Salmon

heirloom winter squash, dashi, roasted local mushrooms, sunflower seeds

27 Roasted Duck Breast

parsnips, swiss chard, mole, cocoa nibs