Jacksonville, FL | Fresh, Delicious Food in Riverside | Best Boxed Lunch Catering


8 Fried Green Olives VG

stuffed with house made pimento cheese

7 Old Bay Potato Chips VG

with point reyes fondue

7 Blackened Pork Rinds

with maple smoked duke's mayo

8 Fried Okra VG

with buttermilk ranch

8 Blistered Shishitos V

smoked eggplant puree, crispy shallots, cilantro


9 Mac & Cheese VG

6 Wainwright Cheddar Grits GF

with smoked bacon

6 Shoestring Potatoes VG

with ancho chile aioli

5 Sauteed Kale VG GF

with garlic, lemon, butter

8 Creamed Collards GF

with benton's ham furikake

7 Sauteed Green Beans V

with roasted mushrooms, mushroom xo


6/9 Seasonal Soup

8 French Onion Soup

12 Beets & Lebnah VG GF

florida strawberries, honey whipped lebnah, marcona almonds, mint, sumac

7/12 Caesar Salad

kale, brussel sprouts, cotija cheese, soft boiled egg, anchovy croutons

8/13 Little Gem Wedge Salad GF

tomatoes, benton’s ham furikake, point reyes blue cheese dressing

14/22 Prince Edward Island Mussels GF

sauce amatriciana, basil, parsley, calabrian chilis, baguette / also served as entree with with shoestring fries

11 Smoked Trout Rillettes

smoked trout roe, crispy trout skin, buttermilk crackers

15 Roasted Oysters GF

creamed collards, benton’s ham furikake, cotija cheese, hot sauce

13 Poutine

hand cut fries, cheese curds, pastrami, smoked short rib gravy


24 Braised Lamb *VG GF

polenta, braised fennel, turnips, strawberry sofrito

17 Kale & Smoked Trout Salad

kale and radicchio, creamy italian dressing, rye bread crumbs, hard-boiled egg

30 Berkshire Pork Chop *V GF

stewed sea island red peas, crispy andouille sausage, braised mustard greens

14 Pork Sandwich

smoked pork jus, cress, green tomatoes, shoestring fries

32 Seminole Pride Farm’s Ribeye GF

bone marrow butter, french onion bordelaise, confit baby potatoes

26 Springer Mountain Farm’s Chicken *V GF

field pea salad, mustard greens, pickled shiitakes, soy-brined egg

25 Wild Georgia Shrimp & Grits GF

charred broccoli, shallot confit, new orleans bar-b-q sauce

28 Korean Beef Short Ribs

bulgogi marinade, logan turnpike grits, collard green kimchi, soft boiled egg

14 Grass Fed Hamburger

add cheddar +1, add smoked bacon +1, add fried egg +2

28 Crispy Skin Salmon *V GF

thai coconut broth, turnips, fennel, roasted local mushrooms, chili oil

27 Duck Confit *VG GF

parsnips, swiss chard, mole rojo, cocoa nibs

MKT Fresh Catch

house-made andouille sausage, st. augustine littleneck clams, caramelized fennel, shellfish broth


14/20 Spaghetti alla Chitarra VG

broccoli rabe, broccoli pesto, pine nuts, calabrian chili, pecorino add duck confit +5 add pork belly +5

17 Cacio E Pepe VG

pecorino romano, cracked black pepper

18 Pappardelle

house-made rabbit sausage, rabbit jus, field peas, lemon zest, thyme


*substitute tempeh, ginger marinated tofu, or miso glazed eggplant to notated entrees for vegan and vegetarian options or add to any dish for $4.